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Please read the flow chart below

You can then create your free profile by clicking Get Instant Access

Member Create Profile  will open in a new window so you can refer to the flowchart if you need assistance.

You can also use the chat bot on the homepage for support or ‘Contact Us’ bottom of the website’s menu bar!

Step 1 - Join WTA University
Study the flowchart below then click ‘Get Instant Access’ (a new window will open)

Step 2 - Join Free WTA University
Create your free profile so you will appear in the Members Directory Listing. Potential clients can then discover you. A great Bio will encourage potential clients to click through to your Personal Affiliate Page, where they can review and invest in your Affiliate Products, Courses and SAAS Products.
Step 1 - Join WTA University
Navigate to your account and update your Privacy Settings to your own preference and you’re all done!

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Once you’re a Site Member – You have the option to become a Wealth Angel

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