In Order: to maintain high standards for our students and in the interests of promoting fairness, we promote all opportunities via our ‘Teachers’ via ‘invite only’. Make a good impression on your Teacher and they’ll assist you to climb. They’ll be happy too, as they benefit too.
WTA University uses a system that we see as ‘productive’. We wish to assist only those who are serious about ‘Making Money Online’.
To achieve ‘real’ Online success, an individual must be prepared to jump through a few hoops. This filtering process is designed to eliminate the ‘tyre kickers’.
Remember: this is a ‘Wealth Tuition University’. You don’t get an opportunity to pre-test a Faculty subject within an offline University.
This filtering process is designed to assist you in aligning yourself with the right Program for you and also the right Teacher.
Use our system in conjunction with fulfilling your ‘dreams’ and you can make success an Online reality for you and others this year!
Reach: out to the Teacher/s that you wish to work with. Simply go to WTA University in the main website menu. Search under Teachers Directories. Talk with them on-site, study their profile, what experience they have with the program you’re interested in. If you would then like to work together, they’ll provide you with a password to their Personal Page and bingo you’re in!
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