Brett Young
Wealth Tuition Angel

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When You Become A Wealth Angel

When you join WTA University. At any level as a Wealth Teacher you’ll receive your own Password Protected page, the same as this one.

Each program is married to its own specific Teacher’s page. This ensures that you will see only the Teachers (Angels), that are using and mentoring this program!

For Demo purposes only; this page is ‘accessible to the public’ with no password. Normally, if a non member lands on this page, they will be requested to Join WTA to access your opportunity. To see how it works. Click the arrows below the Teacher’s Profile Photo (in this example a Wealth Angel), to view the opportunities that are live.

Why Does It Normally Require A Password?

WTA University is about mentoring and assisting you to grow your business. By requiring you to enter a password;

This ensures that you have first made contact with one of our ‘Wealth Angels’ and also that you are a free student of WTA University.