How To Make Money Online Free

Week 1 – WTA University

Great. You’ve made the decision to increase your profits on the internet faster and easier than ever before!

Making some spare part time cash or making a living for yourself and your family doesn’t have to be complex. An ever increasing number of people are now faced with employment uncertainty, especially with Covid-19 in our midst. Here’s the good news!

You can get started right away today, with no prior experience and even zero $$ investment. Of course, your earnings will increase more rapidly once you start returning some of your profits back into your business. Investment is always necessary to sustain any business long term. With that out of the way, let’s get on with showing you how easy it is to make money online. With just 1 to 2 hours per week, you can get started.

Training with John Crestani

To make this real easy, study John Crestani’s methods, as he walks you through what he does to make nearly $1 million a month from Affiliate Marketing online. The amazing part is that he does all of this with none of his own websites, none of his own products (well shamelessly 1). He’ll show you how to take products from various Affiliate Platforms, such as Clickbank and advertise them on Social Networking platforms, such as Facebook and some others many of you probably haven’t even heard of yet. He also highly praises Craigs List and shows you how to go to work advertising there. You may have to study some of the rules of these sites, as it’s not quite as easy as just placing an ad. It’s not so much where you place your ads, but how you place your ads, that will get you the results you’re looking for, and this doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Watch John Crestani’s videos. Open the video above on YouTube, so you can view all the other awesome training videos John has on YouTube!

Week 1 – WTA University

Step 1 - Join WTA University
Signup Free to WTA University – Use the 3 Step Method at the top of this page. Step 1 is so important. Without traffic, even if it’s free to start, your earnings won’t grow. Your target clients, are your hungry market. With our combined Members, we’re a powerful force! Sending them to WTA means more traffic for your landing page offers from your Bio – More $$$ in your pocket!

Step 2 - Join Free WTA University
Before we discuss Stage Two. Welcome to our community. You’ve created your free profile which appears within the Members Directory of your current level. For all new participants, this is the (preview) Members Directory. Teachers and potential clients can reach out to you. Make sure your Bio is attractive. Use the social buttons to add links to your social media sites.

Once in, you can sign-up to the first teacher’s level which is (preview) Wealth Angel (Teacher). This is for affiliates who already have at least one affiliate product or program that they wish to promote. It’s a step up from being a Member, yet it’s purely optional. A great Bio will encourage potential clients to click through to your Personal Affiliate Offers, where they can review and invest in your Affiliate Products, Courses, Software and SAAS Products, by clicking the links you’ve added for those websites.

Wealth Angel is free for the first 6 months. This gives you time to choose your affiliate products and start your own income flow. You’ll only need 1 sale a month to cover your monthly fee, or you can remain a free member and learn from others within the University, for as long as you wish.

Stage Two – Free. Now you’ll select some Affiliate products to promote to your chosen niche’ market. In the near future we’re adding a plethora of links to free resources, to assist you in automating this process. For now, forget that this is difficult. “As a man or woman thinks, so it is”. You must work at training your sub-conscious mind to remove all blocks within the money manifestation process. By April of 2021 look out for the resources we’re adding to assist you in achieving this. For many of you, especially within this industry, not being able to make any real money is simply because you still have sub conscious blocks that you’re unaware of, that need to be changed, before you can continue with ease.

By March 23rd 2021; there will appear here a list of sites you can join, to find these affiliate products. We’ll also be adding some great YouTube videos that will show you how to go about choosing the right products to sell and why you should be promoting these products above others, to get you those results extra fast!

In the meantime…use the methods below to get more rapid results. The Contact Free App is your solution to a high ticket item that will put fast seed capital into your pocket. Leverage your profits on Crypto and your Affiliate Business for even faster leveraging. Resist the temptation to spend until your business is growing!!

Stage Three- Free. Now we’re going to use John Crestani’s free methods for promoting. Why so I prefer the term ‘promoting’. The word ‘selling’ has undeservedly become entrenched in fear. That said, people don’t like to be sold, they like to buy from you. If you’ve done your job properly and promoted your products and service well, they will buy from you. If they don’t, select a new product or service. Get back on the horse that threw you and try try again. You’ll find out which items are easier to promote than others. In the coming months, we’re going to help you with that. In the interim we’re going to use John Crestani’s free methods to promote our chosen products and services. Just a request here. John Crestani is one of the most interesting promoters and innovative that I’ve discovered online. He’ s not only down to earth, he’s humble enough to not care about what you do with his products, within reason of course. Represent someone well and they’ll not have an issue with you, So, be kind and leave John some favorable comments below his videos. Oh….and don’t just promote the Contact Free Agency App. Promote John’s course which will earn you around about a commission of $500…not bad eh! There’s two high ticket items you can start promoting straight away! If you take advantage of the Lockdown we’re all under you can make a ton of money helping businesses around the globe to stay in business, by operating safely in a ‘contactless way’.

PLR – Another Great Free Method To Start Earning!

Wait…before you say “I’ve tried it” or “But I don’t have any money to invest, let alone a website of my own” and simply run away!! I’m going to show you a free way to get started fast. First, to prove a point, I have to digress a little. Let’s briefly discuss first what is available to you, once you’ve generated some re-investment capital, vital if your business is to grow at a steady pace.

The fact is, that although many thought that PLR or ‘Private Label Rights’ products were a dead pool of income….think again. In fact they are very much alive and making their distributors anywhere from hundreds of dollars a month to thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per week! Why has this method remained reliable when others have simply died? Because products follow trends. As each new generation arrives and new trends develop there is always a hungry audience eager to buy the latest software product or E-Book. That brings me to my next point. Anyone can see how A.I and Internet Marketing has exploded in recent years. Couple that with a whole new generation who are tech savvy and social media smart and you have PLR products just as healthy and in fact making a huge resurgence.

Especially popular are Commercial rights and White Label rights that are coupled to many software products being released each and every day, each one trying to out compete the other! Soon we’ll discuss how you can get started free. First, I would like to share with you a valuable secret not known to many who are just getting started. In a nutshell, here’s how it works and it’s so simple!

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