Affiliate Training

Part 1

I’m excited to commence Affiliate Training – Part 1 with you!

" - Affiliate Training -Part 1"

Let’s Jump Right Into It!


I thank you all for being a part of this journey and hope that you’re all as motivated as I am in succeeding in Affiliate Marketing.


4 Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

“Rules? You mean I have to follow rules?”

Without rules in life there’s no direction. Affiliate Marketing is no different. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

1. Keep it sweet and simple – K.I.S.S

Don’t get bogged down by shiny object syndrome. If you’re not aware of this yet. It means paying too much attention to a new product or service. For our purposes here, it refers to new digital products or services.

By all means, get what you can out of them. Just don’t waste time fixating on them or arranging them without taking action.

2. Take Action

Don’t procastinate. Procrastination is the thief of time. Nothing has to be perfect. If it’s a website you want to build, just get started. Teach yourself. You’ll only get better at it. You don’r have to wait until you’ve become a Pro. In the meantime you could be making waves.

3. Choose a few Hot Selling Niches

Unless you run an affiliate store. Like the one I’ve created which I’ll soon release white label rights for. You can view it here You should choose a specific niche. Some niches sell better than others.

  • Weight Loss
  • Health, Fitness and Care Products
  • Mattresses [yes really!]
  • Technology
  • Hobbies
  • Money / Finance

Here’s a great article on affiliate niches. They also offer further training to improve your success rate. Read More

4. Be consistent

Setting yourself a set time in which to work ensures momentum. If you stop it’s hard for many to get started again. Keep a consistent work flow ethic in order to succeed.


Many of you may be wondering why it’s taken so long to make a final committment to WTA.

1. I’m working on several major projects. I have been for some time. Yeah I know the old saying “don’t spread yourself too thin”. Yet I have a vision. Thus my company motto “Investments In Vision”. I’m creating a hub of websites that offer various products, courses and services. This hub will allow an individual to possess a darn near perfect lifestyle, encompassing;

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Spirit
  • Spiritual Freedom
  • Financial Freedom

I Saw it as “The Ultimate Challenge”. It’s been hard work and there’s more to come.

2. I wamted to create a business that changes peoples lives. The ultimate goal was to create a business where any individual could start with zero $ and just through their own efforts become wealthy. Hopefully not for “the love of money” but to repeat the process and “pay it forward”. Thus earning their right to Spiritual and Financial freedom.

This is why you’ll see me promoting John Crestani a lot. We both share the same values in assisting people in life. Not just getting rich. So, without further ado. I give you one of the most important training videos you’ll ever see. Take Note!!