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Today I’m kicking off my new Blog SeriesMillionaire Training. So…I’m taking a page from Ramit Sethi’s book today with 2 exciting and motivating videos…first…

I’ve said this so many times. Being too frugal can actually slow down your financial progress. Let’s say you’re a little low on spare cash. You have enough for a coffee. Yet you’re thinking “Well I’ve got those two big bills to pay now. Besides, I want to get my debt paid off faster”. So you skip it.

Here’s the problem with that. You’ve just programmed your mind to fail. Your sub’conscious mind will receive the following messages.

1. Fear

You now fear that you can’t even afford a coffee, let alone a vehicle or a house. How is your sub-conscious mind going to manifest wealth, based on this attitude.

The Solution

Don’t scrimp on rewarding yourself with small purchases. This doesn’t mean the Armani suit or that beautiful ball gown you don’t need yet. Just coffees, snacks, a low cost vase or a piece of art etc. These things can keep us feeling good and help destroy that “poverty acumen”.

2. Guilt

Guilt falls into the same vibration as fear, lust, envy, pride etc. All the vibrations we’re taught to avoid in the bible. For those who don’t understand what I mean by “vibrations”. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that doesn”t vibrate. Our thoughts, attitudes, memories, emotions etc are no exception. Everything vibrates at a given frequency. The Universe knows, understands and feels these vibrations.

There’s a great proverb that says;

Proverbs 23:7 KJV

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; But his heart is not with thee.

KJV: King James Version

There’s another great saying that says;

“Energy flows where attention goes”

By skipping that small purchase you’ve taught your psyche to feel guilty about spending and thus reinforced a negative attitude towards acquiring true wealth.

The Solution

Obvious. Don’t skip the small purchases. Yet, don’t multiply them either. Create that savings acumen but don’t feel guilty by being too tight.

Here’s a fact. I once had a friend who even at 24 years was looked up to by a number of us. He had 12 small properties all on bridging finance. He was making good progress and decided that the risk was too tall. He scaled back and went on to buy a beautifully restored old villa.

14 Years later I caught up with him. He had married before 30 and had two daughters. He seemed to have it all together. I soon learned that his marriage had fallen apart. His parents had bailed his mortgage out and his friends from school had all left him. Although we looked up to him early in life, he was also quite unbearable at times. That’s because he was always oo darm tight.

I remember when I was living in his first home, at 22 yesrs of age as his flatmate. I recall one day. Mr Whippy the icecream van was outside. With a smirk, he said “Watch and learn”. We went outside with the new flatmate. He ordered an icecream for himself and our new flatmate. When it came to paying he handed Mr Whippy a $50 note. Worth about $145.65 NZD on today’s conversion. Of course, Mr Whippy couldn’t give change and he got the two icecreams for free. We all laughed at this but is he laughing today?

Remember This: Every person who provides you with a product or service deserves to be rewarded. If you withold money from the Universe, it will withold from you what you think you deserve. Even if their service let’s you down. They deserve something unless of course you have the need to sue them because it may be the other way around in sone cases. They may owe you instead. Same deal though isn’t it?

If you feel this post has been helpful to you. Please do the same for me and send this to your family and friends. The Universe will reward you I promise it works!

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This next video’s long but trust me you’ll find this interview and Ramit’s training invaluable in moving forwards in your own life financially.